What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Figuring out what to wear for your engagement photos should be part of the fun! You will be looking at these photos for years to come so make sure you look and feel great in whatever you and your partner choose to wear.

Tip #1  Be Yourself


The most important thing to remember when deciding what to wear for your engagement session is to show your personality and be yourself.

If friends would describe your style as dressy then dress up for your shoot! A shift dress for her and a blazer for him is appropriate if it feels like your style. If you're more casual, rock a pair of ankle boots with a sundress and an untucked button down for the groom-to-be pairs nicely.

Your engagement photos are about capturing the happiness and love during the time leading up to your wedding day!

The joy will show through in the photos even if you don't know your style, so just wear what you feel great in and show the love! 

Tip #2  Comfort

Don't let your outfit limit your options during the engagement shoot. Maybe you want to do lifts or spins or dance or even climb a tree!

If you get inspired and are having fun, it would be disappointing to limit the shots because a skirt is too short or pants are too tight. 

Also consider, when you're comfortable, you're relaxed. Natural expressions and body language will come through in the photos and will be much more enjoyable for you both.

Shoots can last an hour or two, so wearing a new pair of shoes you haven't broke in yet or a dress you're constantly tugging down will only dampen the fun.

Comfort is key!

Tip #3 Play Off The Environment

Think about the setting when choosing your engagement outfit. Want to wear heels for a park shoot? Go with a wedge over a stiletto so you don't sink into the grass. You can show your style in any environment and complimenting your surroundings will make for better photos. Like Cory & Tyler's engagement session on their ranch, cowgirl boots for her and jeans for him play off the rustic theme of the setting. A suit and tie wouldn't make sense for this environment but these two fit right in! 

Tip #4 Compliment Each Other

Coordinating your outfits is a great idea, you don't want to match, just compliment. Like Annel's hot pink mini dress and Frank's pale blush button down, the perfect pair. If you want to wear a pattern, choose a similar color scheme. If you're going with neutrals and a pop of color, coordinate the color tone, both in cool tones or warm tones. If you want to wear different colors then coordinate the shade, primary blue for him and primary red for her looks better than him in cobalt and her in a pastel. There's no concrete rules with coordinating, just make sure you compliment each other and don't perfectly match. 

Tip # 5  Accessorize


One of the biggest things that can pull an outfit together and complete a look is the right accessories.

Classic, timeless, and meaningful are all important keys to remember when accessorizing. It's a great way to show off your personality and look more put together.

A belt over a loose dress to cinch the waist for the bride -to-be or a handsome wrist watch for him is a great addition to any wardrobe. You can see how this gorgeous gold necklace Ashley is wearing really makes an otherwise plain outfit pop!

Of course, the best accessory of all is the engagement ring! So make sure to polish it up for the photos, you'll want it to sparkle!

Tip #6 Consider the Season


The weather will play a big role in your outfit selection. You don't want to be shivering in the winter or sweating in the summer during your engagement photos.

Layers are the way to go! With leggings under a dress or a pullover sweater, layers will give you options. Definitely come prepared with extra layer options you can leave in the car as a backup.

For this shoot, it was a warm day but when we arrived at the location at a higher elevation, there was actually signs of snow! Thankfully, Jessica had the perfect jacket in the car to pair with her dress and keep her warm! 

Tip # 7  Change It Up

If you can't decide between two outfits, wear them both! An outfit change mid way through is a great way to get multiple looks for your photos. You'll get a great variety of images and have all the more fun during your session. Just keep in mind some locations specifically say they don't allow outfit changes, so check with the venue or your photographer beforehand.

All You Need is Love

Keep in mind, engagement photos are a great way to work with your photographer without the time constraints of the wedding day, to capture all the love and excitement between you and your partner. So don't over think it too much. The goal should be to have fun, look and feel great, and be with the one you love.

Photographs by: Alex Bruce Photography