More and more couples are having engagement photos done, it's a great idea for so many reasons! It's always nice to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors with your special someone and it gives you and the photographer a chance to work together before the big day. 


Having an engagement session is also a fun way to remember all the love and excitement in the air before the wedding day!  There are so many fun ways you can use the images, here are a few ideas:

Use them on your save the date announcement

Have a beautiful album made

Use them on your wedding website

Use them in the guestbook

Display them at the wedding

Wedding Display

One of my favorite ways our couples have used their engagement photos is on display at the wedding. It's a great way for all your friends and family to enjoy the photos as they celebrate your big day. So if you LOVE how your engagement photos turned out then display them at the wedding! Here are some creative ideas to inspire you:

Hang Photos where Guests will see them


Wherever your guests are going to retreat to, either during cocktail hour or during the reception, display your engagement photos for everyone to enjoy! Include some candid shots of the two of you from the time you met until present, to really tell the story of your love. Here the couple used twine and clothes pins to hang their photos in this gazebo, what a charming way to invite guests in to relax and enjoy the memories.  Venue: Fullerton Arboretum


No ordinary display table will do. Check out this photo display, decked out with an outdoor rug, rustic frames and trunks, art, and fresh flowers! The homey feel is so inviting that friends and family won't be able to pass it by without stopping. Venue: Fullerton Arboretum

The great thing about these over-sized clothes pin picture frames, is that after the wedding you can bring them home and hang them on the wall. They will look great in your living room and later it will be easy to swap out some of the photos for your wedding pics.  Venue: Maravilla Gardens

Illuminate the Room with a Projection Slideshow


Having an indoor wedding? Impress guests by projecting a slideshow of your engagement photos onto the wall. This is a truly unique idea that has a wow-factor. Illuminate your sweetheart table with beautiful images while celebrating your special day. Venue: Noor

Create a One-of-a-Kind Wood Plank Print for Guests to Sign


Want to display your favorite engagement photo in a creative way? These wood prints are custom, modern, and beautiful. Showcase it at the reception for friends and family to sign, you'll be able to cherish this hanging on your wall for years to come and will love reading everyone's notes.  Vendor: Smart Levels



Large Matte Framed Print for Guests to Sign

A great spin on the traditional guest book. This is a great DIY idea, all you need is: a print of your favorite engagement photo, a large frame with glass temporarily removed and a large matte. Display at the reception in lieu of the guest book. What a wonderful way to remember all the friends and family that were there to make your day special.

All photos, including engagement shots, by Alex Bruce Photography