Engagement Shoot on the Beach - Corona Del Mar with Amy & Kyle

When Alex and I arrived at the beach, it was gloomy and drizzling. Amy reached out to us to see if we should reschedule but Alex was confident that the shoot would be fantastic regardless of the weather and boy was he right! Especially since he had his assistant (me!) there to help with the lighting. Wow this ended up being one of our favorite shoots! Amy & Kyle were so great, we asked them to hop over a shallow ravine to start, they kicked their shoes off and embraced the beach barefoot for the entire session. They happily climbed out on the rocks amid the water, tiptoed through the tide pools, and splashed through the incoming tides during sunset. 

It was so fantastic of Amy & Kyle to climb out on the rocks as the waves rolled in around them. These are some of our favorite shots, so beautiful, and with just a simple spotlight shining on them so you can appreciate the beauty of the ocean around them.  

You would think we planned this rolling wave and seagull soaring, sometimes nature just comes through in a picture perfect scene.  

I love this shot in black and white, the intricate striations of the coastal rock frame the couple beautifully. Not everyone would turn from the stunning ocean to take a shot in the other direction but thanks to Alex's artistic eye he created one of my favorites photos!

I call this shot "Tide Pool Bling". The stunning diamonds are striking against the dark natural rock of the pools.

Amy & Kyle were't afraid to get their feet wet! Even in the chilly SoCal waters they walked through the low tide hand in hand, so in love. 

Even though the day started out cold and gray, we got a surprise for the end of our session, a breathtaking sunset. You just can't beat a California sunset with a beautiful couple on the beach. We got some creative and stunning photos from this shoot and best of all we got to know Amy and Kyle better and we can't wait for their wedding!